Lorandka, inc. is a Northern Virginia based full service audio-visual / data company and electrical contractor.

We offer turnkey solutions for your audio visual and data cabling needs. We also offer electrical estimating from medium to large size projects, as well as various services as an electrical contractor.

Find out about the newest participations in events, achievements and Lorandka, inc. sponsored sport teams.

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Based in Northern Virginia Lorandka, inc. is a full service audio-visual and data cabling solutions provider and an electrical contractor which offers various services in these fields. The company was incorporated in January 2012, shortly afterwards filing for the S-Corp status which currently it maintains.


The company's philosophy and attitude is summed up in the motto: "if we take it on we get it done". The staff, top to bottom, is dedicated to complete the projects we take on, and channel all efforts to obtain the best possible outcome for each endeavor. Everyone at Lorandka, inc. is a team player. Working together we can achieve more and we can achieve better.


All Lorandka employees are either InfoComm certified or in the process of being certified. A basic requirement to work for this company is to hold certifications as an Audiovisual Technician Most of the technicians are pursuing various certifications related to the industries we work in. It is one of the company's goals to have all major certifications under the belt as a testimony of our dedication, competence and professionalism.

Design and Engineering

Once your needs with dos and don'ts are assessed the design and engineering phase can start. Whether it is an upgrade or a new system the design and engineering process turns out the best results when communication between the client and our team is ongoing. For this reason the process goes through several stages and revisions until the desired solution is found. The outcome of the design and engineering phase will define the content and the scope of work for the integration phase

Audio Visual Integration

Lorandka is here to provide the AV services our clients need. Our goal as AV integrators is to get the different technologies work together to enable the flawless control and functions that you want. We offer solutions for interactive education and presentation, video conferencing, digital signage, various conference room configurations or whatever audio-video system you need.


To accomplish integration it is crucial that once all the components are connected the desired switching is enabled. This is where the experience of our AMX and Crestron certified programmers come into play to create the software that enables your system.

Find out about the newest participations in events, achievements and Lorandka, inc. sponsored sport teams.

The staff here at Lorandka, inc. is on a mission to become better at whatever we do. This is where you can learn news about the latest certifications and other achievements obtained by our technicians and engineers, as well as success stories about our projects. And because all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy we like to organize events where we can compete and have fun. Lorandka, inc. is proud to be the #1 sponsor of the Lorandka Racing Team

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